IAMHIST Blog: Views on Colour

BAFTSS Colour and Film SIG members  – Sarah Street (University of Bristol), Liz Watkins (University of Leeds), Carolyn Rickards (University of Bristol) and Paul Frith (University of East Anglia) – recently wrote a piece on research methodologies and experiences of interviews with film directors, cinematographers, technicians and archivists for the International Association for Media and History. ‘Views on Colour: Finding the Filmmakers, Technicians and Archivists’ was published by IAMHIST on 12th January 2020 and discusses the interviews undertaken for the AHRC -Funded projects on the Negotiation of Innovation: Colour Films in Britain 1900-55 and the Eastmancolor Revolution in British Cinema.

Morris Challis Brit Col Cinema Books

Autobiographies by Ossie Morris and Chris Challis with British Colour Cinema: Practices and Theories (Palgrave / BFI 2013).

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