Resources, Bibliographies

Resources, bibliographies, research projects on colour beyond those organised by the BAFTSS Special Interest Group on Colour and Film. 

Research Projects in Colour and Film.

The Eastmancolor Revolution and British Cinema, 1955 – 1985 is an Arts and Humanities Research Council- funded project based at the Universities of Bristol and East Anglia. ‘The project investigates the impact of Eastmancolor, a film stock introduced by Kodak in the 1950s, on British cinema.As a relatively cheap, ‘monopack’ stock that could be used in any camera, Eastmancolor revolutionised the ways in which colour films were made. Over the next thirty years colour filmmaking came to dominate sound cinema for the first time.The project’s focus is on how British cinema, its filmmakers and other professionals adapted to one of the most important technical innovations in film history. It explores British cinema’s response, at first confined to a few genres, before fully embracing the economic and aesthetic advantages of colour filmmaking.It will identify key genres and films, personnel who experimented with colour and significant issues relating to the preservation and restoration of colour films. The project will achieve a greater understanding of the significance of colour in British film history and culture while contributing to knowledge about the state of Britain’s colour film heritage.’ Read the Eastmancolor Revolution blog


Timeline of Historical Film Colors is a resource for the study of colour technologies and aesthetics, which has been developed by Professor Barbara Flueckiger (University of Zurich).

How Technicolor Changed Movies a short film by Phil Edwards and his additional commentary

Technicolor Online Research Archive the Eastman Museum’s collection consists of more than 40,000 documents – notes, journals, correspondence, film tests, technical drawings – from 1914 to 1955 are available to search and browse.


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updated 17th December 2017

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