BAFTSS Conference 2021 SIG Panel

BAFTSS SIG Funding is available for the BAFTSS 2021 Conference on ‘Time and the Body’ (Online): we are opening the SIG Funding Scheme 2021-2022 to support the inclusion of new members in the official SIG panel proposal. The scheme is open to a ‘fast track’ funding application to support1 person participating in the Official panel of each SIG. The intended recipient of the funding must not have previously held BAFTSS Membership. The scheme is to encourage researchers at any career stage, independent researchers, filmmakers based at universities or archives to participate and to build new SIG connections in and beyond British universities, archives and the film and television industries globally.

To apply please include the following details in your Official SIG proposal: 1) the name, affiliation and email address of the intended recipient of the funding; 2) a line stating that that the intended recipient has not previously held BAFTSS membership; 3) the costs that you applying for: BAFTSS Membership (£15 postgraduates/ unsalaried/unwaged. £30 full fee for salaried staff) and BAFTSS Conference Registration fee (£0 for Postgraduates/unsalaried/unwaged. £10 for full fee /salaried staff). Honoraria cannot be claimed. The cost (up to a maximum of £40)  will be deducted from the amount that the relevant SIG can apply for under the BAFTSS SIG Funding Scheme 2021-2022. Deadline for abstracts and panel proposals: 1st December 2020. Enquires and abstracts: